Jon Stewart Mocks People Celebrating Lethal Injection Supreme Court Ruling

Jon Stewart Daily Show Feb 10 - H 2015
Comedy Central / Screengrab

"Americans can still kill prisoners painfully and everyone else slowly," said Stewart.

President Barack Obama won two major victories in the Supreme Court over the past week, with the Court upholding Obamacare and ruling in favor of gay marriage.

But Jon Stewart noticed that conservative pundits were touting two victories of their own in the Supreme Court — one allowing a controversial drug to continue to be used in lethal injections, and the other overturning certain EPA environmental regulations.

"Congratulations. What a great victory," Stewart said. "Yes, gay people have the right to marry, and poor people have the right to insurance, but on the bright side, Americans can still kill prisoners painfully and everyone else slowly."

When it came to the lethal injection issue, he asked, "What's cruel and unusual anyway?"

"For instance, killing a man by starvation — that's cruel, but is it unusual?" said Stewart. "On the other hand, killing a fellow with great sex until he dies of exhaustion — very unusual, but not that cruel."