Jon Stewart mocks Rick Sanchez again

Comedian lampoons fired CNN host Monday on 'Daily Show'

Rick Sanchez interviewer speaks out

After joking about the Rick Sanchez controversy at an event this weekend, Jon Stewart continued to mock the former CNN anchor who was fired Friday for calling Stewart a bigot and insinuating that CNN was "run by Jews."

In his opening spot on "The Daily Show" on Monday night, Stewart told his Comedy Central audience that, after taping last Thursday's edition, he had heard Rick Sanchez interviewed on a radio program.

"I think Jon Stewart's a bigot," Sanchez was heard saying in the taped replay.

"Omigod!" Stewart said from his anchor desk. "Rick Sanchez knows my name!"

Stewart replayed another excerpt from the radio interview where Sanchez said, "I'm so glad that (Stewart) grew up in a suburban middle-class New Jersey home with everything that you could ever imagine."

Grinning, Stewart said Sanchez "really nailed what it was like growing up in central Jersey in the early '70s, the fortunate son of a single mother in the education field."

Then, after playing back the portion of the interview where Sanchez questioned whether Jews should be considered an oppressed minority, Stewart, who is Jewish, acknowledged that had made him angry. He was angry, he said, because "The Daily Show," which doesn't tape on Fridays, couldn't make sport of Sanchez's outbursts until Monday -- "and there's no way this cat survives the weekend at CNN."

Of course, Stewart was right: By Friday afternoon, CNN had announced Sanchez was "no longer with the company."

Stewart previously mocked Sanchez over the weekend while hosting Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars," joking that if Sanchez was right about the Jews, "All he has to do is apologize to us, and we'll hire him back."

Check out the video from Monday night's "Daily Show" below.

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