Jon Stewart Slams NBC for Manipulation of George Zimmerman's 911 Tape (Video)

Comedy Central

The Comedy Central host calls out the network for tampering with the call made by the shooter in the infamous Trayvon Martin case.

Days after NBC fired a producer for editing the 911 call made by George ZimmermanThe Daily Show's Jon Stewart took a few swipes at the network as well as Fox News.

On Monday night's episode of the Comedy Central show, the host called out NBC for hitting the "remove context button" after it was discovered that a Today producer had selectively edited out a 911 dispatcher's question prompting Zimmerman to answer, "He looks black." Taken out of context, the statement spurred widespread anger among the Trayvon Martin supporters, many of whom cite racial discrimination as the heart of the tragedy.

While the network announced it has taken action to cut loose the Today producer responsible for the slanted edit, Stewart pointed out that the action has likely swayed public opinion toward an irreversible stance on the case.

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Stewart went on to jokingly compare the situation to an episode of Jeopardy, sans Alex Trebek's answers: "What is the University of Texas? IT'S A SCHOOL IN TEXAS!" Without the quiz show host providing a context, the contestants are left looking like "morons," just as "people who watch the Today show probably think that George Zimmerman is now a big racist."

In their attempt to jump on the band wagon in firing back at NBC, Fox News also made themselves a target. Stewart singles out the channel for their skewed coverage of the Martin case, as well as Fox correspondent Judith Miller for her failure to adhere to the truth in stories she's previously reported on.

Watch the clip below for Stewart's take on the ongoing coverage: