Jon Stewart on Racist Frat Song: There Is a "Deep, Problematic Racial Divide in Our Nation"

Stewart says conservative media are "racism deniers" who treat racist incidents as "an unending series of isolated events."

On Wednesday, Jon Stewart talked about the media's response to the video of Oklahoma's SAE fraternity chanting a racist song on a bus. In particular, he focused on how some media outlets treated this incident as an isolated event, rather than seeing it as an example of systemic racism in our society.

Stewart called out Morning Joe hosts who blamed rap music for the song. He said that the fraternity brothers were "gleefully performing" old "anti-negro sprituals featuring a word that predates rap.

"How come when conservatives talk about African-Americans they say, 'These people need to take responsibility for themselves. Pull up your pants, get a job.' But when white people do something racist they're all, 'Well, you can't blame them. How could those poor children know wrong from right after being driven to madness after the irresistible power of the hippity hoppity?' "

The Daily Show host said that each time a racist incident comes to light "certain people in the media present it not as being indicative of a deep, problematic racial divide in our nation" but as "an unending series of isolated events." He showed a clip of a Fox News guest saying "Racism is on its last leg," and responded, "Pretty strong f—ing leg. I think it might be a bionic leg."

Watch below as Stewart talks about the "racism deniers" who refuse to "face the lingering reality of prejudice in this country."