Jon Stewart Rips Tom Brady Over Alleged Role in DeflateGate: "You Cheating F—er!"

Comedy Central/Screenshot

The 'Daily Show' host takes on the recent revelations that "it is more probable than not" that the Patriots QB was "at least generally aware" that the footballs used in the AFC Championship game were being deflated.

In his more than 16 years at The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart said at the top of Thursday's show that he thought he'd seen it all, citing the financial crisis and multiple wars.

But that was before, earlier this week, the results were announced of the NFL investigation into whether the New England Patriots used deflated footballs in their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Pulling out the New York Daily News and New York Post, both of which put the results of the investigation on their cover, Stewart seized upon the news that "it is more probable than not" that Patriots QB Tom Brady was "at least generally aware" that the footballs were being deflated.

"He f—ing knew!" Stewart said, later remarking of the report's "generally aware" contention that, "After the story broke, Brady was texting the ball guy like he was a late-night booty call."

Stewart also seemed to find it ridiculous that one of the locker room attendants called himself "the deflator" in text messages uncovered by the investigation.

"What was the other guy's nickname: Joey Cheats at Football?," Stewart asked.

He later addressed Brady directly, wondering why someone who seemingly has it all would do such a thing.

"You got four Super Bowl rings. You're married to the biggest supermodel in the world," Stewart said. "Your face, your beautiful face, is a wonder of symmetry, a platonic ideal of beauty that can survive even the stupidest of haircuts. And even with these dopey…haircuts, you're still so handsome I would f— the hole in your chin."

He added, "I mean why stop at deflating? Why not, say, lace the ball on both sides or just f— it, start QBing on stilts? How much is enough Brady? How much is enough?"

But Stewart indicated there was a limit to his outrage.

"If you think I wouldn't chastise you if you had committed these acts while in — my team — a New York Giants uniform," he said. "That would be correct."

Watch the full Daily Show segment below.