Jon Stewart Saves Runaway Bull


The black and white Angus was in transport to a slaughterhouse when it escaped to a nearby college campus.

NEW YORK (AP) — A bull that escaped from a holding area and darted through the streets of New York City has been captured and taken to greener pastures by Jon Stewart.

Officials tell The New York Times that the black and white Angus was spotted Friday in Queens. The bull was soon corralled at York College, where students snapped pictures and took videos. According to CNN, the bull was in transport to a slaughterhouse in Jamaica, N.Y., when it ran out of the truck to a nearby green on the college campus.

The bull was dubbed Frank Lee after a prisoner who escaped from Alcatraz. It was later taken to an animal shelter by the former Daily Show comedian and his wife, who are animal advocates.

It's not the first bovine to hit New York's streets.

In January, a cow that fled from a slaughterhouse in Queens was taken in by an animal sanctuary and renamed for rock legend Freddie Mercury.