Jon Stewart Jokes About White House Meetings in 'Nightly Show' Appearance

The Nightly Show John Stewart Appearance Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Comedy Central

The Nightly Show John Stewart Appearance Still - H 2015

Sipping a beer, the "Senior Don't Give a Shit Anymore Correspondent" told Larry Wilmore that President Obama invited him there to "hang out, eat nachos [and] watch 'King Ralph.' "

Appearing on his Comedy Central neighbor Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show, Jon Stewart joked about Politico's recent report that the Daily Show host was called to the White House twice for secret meetings with President Obama.

Politico reported earlier this week that Stewart was summoned to Washington by Obama for two Oval Office meetings, one in Oct. 2011 and another in Feb. 2014.

The outgoing Daily Show host, identified as The Nightly Show's "Senior Don't Give a Shit Anymore Correspondent," noted that he was in the White House visitors log and insisted the president just wanted to "hang out."

"Eat nachos, watch [the 1991 John Goodman comedy] King Ralph," Stewart joked of the other things he and the Commander in Chief did when he stopped by.

Politico reported that Obama used his meetings with Stewart to present his ideas to the influential late-night host.

But he said he did think that the president was trying to influence him.

"I have a television show and we sometimes say stupid things about him and his polices," Stewart said.

But he won't have a TV show for long. Stewart's last show tapes on Aug. 6. And he finally revealed his plans after he leaves The Daily Show.

When Wilmore asked what he'll do, Stewart, sipping a beer, replied, "I'm doing it right now."