Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert to rally in D.C.

Hosts announce plans to hold opposing events Oct. 30

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are ready to rally -- just not with each other.

The Comedy Central hosts on Thursday night announced plans to host opposing rallies in Washington, D.C.

Stewart and "The Daily Show" will lead the Rally to Restore Sanity, described as a movement of "people who have been too busy to go to rallies," on the National Mall on Oct. 30. Its aim? To "beg America to stop shouting, throwing and drawing Hitler mustaches on people other than Hitler (or Charlie Chaplin)."

Meanwhile, the Colbert National wants "all freedom-loving patriots" to challenge the "dark, optimistic forces" of "The Daily Show" by marching at the same time to Keep Fear Alive.

Comedy Central promises a face-off "bigger than Nixon/Kennedy, Ali/Foreman, Aniston/Jolie, 50/Nas, Joe/the Volcano, Alien/Predator, Bunny/Fudd and Ecks/Sever combined."

The announcement comes on the heels of Glenn Beck's recent Restoring Honor rally.
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