Jon Stewart Tests Conan O'Brien's NYC Knowledge

The two comedians traded Big Apple trivia at the Apollo Theater for O'Brien's TBS late-night show on Tuesday.

Jon Stewart on Tuesday stopped by the Apollo Theater in New York City, where Conan O'Brien is hosting his TBS show this week. Stewart, who hosted Comedy Central's The Daily Show in NYC for 16 years, was there to grill O'Brien on his Big Apple knowledge.

"There is not a single person in the world who could know more about New York City than I do!" O'Brien, who also called New York home when he hosted NBC's Late Night from 1993-2009, proclaimed on the Apollo stage. His sidekick Andy Richter then introduced Stewart to administer the "just-invented" New York City citizenship test.

“Let’s start simple. Conan O’Brien, how many buroughs are there in New York City?” Stewart asked. O'Brien was quick with the correct answer: five.

The questions quickly grew more obscure, however. "Where in New York City is the ball dropped every year?” Stewart asked, obviously alluding to Times Square and the annual New Year’s Eve celebration. “Citi Field,” O’Brien quipped, eliciting groans from many New York Mets fan in the audiences.

Stewart had trouble asking one question, and turned to Richter for help. "Name the very famous New York resident who won the 2016 presidential election,” Richter asked. “Hillary Clinton,” O'Brien answered.

Stewart wrapped up his inquisition with a pair of questions aimed at the audience. “What is the easiest way to kiss up to a crowd?” he asked. “Bring out a legendary comedian, have him ask softball questions about their city," O'Brien replied to great applause. Following that, Stewart posited his final question, "New York City has...," to which O'Brien interjected, "...the greatest audiences in the world." Even louder applause followed.

Watch the video below.