Jon Stewart on Trump's Charlottesville Reaction: "In the President's Defense, He Is a Terrible Person"

"Two sides! I believe they are called the Allied powers and the Axis powers," Stewart reportedly said at Dave Chappelle's show in NYC.

Jon Stewart may be missing from late-night television these days, but he weighed in on President Donald Trump's highly criticized Charlottesville reaction during a guest appearance at Dave Chappelle's stand-up show in New York City this week.

New York Times culture reporter Sopan Deb was in the audience and transcribed Stewart's comments, sharing them on Twitter.

"It wasn't so much that there were Nazis," said Stewart as he began to speak about the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. "It was really the reaction by certain presidents."

"There are two sides? Motherfucker? Two sides?!" Stewart reportedly exclaimed. "I believe they are called the Allied powers and the Axis powers." He joked that America used to be with the Allied powers, but it seems like Trump signed a treaty that nobody knows about.

"In the president's defense, he is a terrible person," Stewart said, adding that he doesn't think that every person who likes Trump is a Nazi but "everybody who is a Nazi sure does seem to like him."

Stewart recounted his Twitter war with Trump, in which Trump mocked him for changing his name from Jonathan Leibowitz and Stewart responded by joking Trump's name used to be "Fuckface Von Clownstick."

"Basically it goes back to an old white supremacist trope, which is 'Jews amongst us,'" Stewart said, adding that Trump "was signaling to the underworld that Jews are amongst us." He continued, "Honestly, if Jews controlled the media, why wasn't I on a network?"

Stewart teased white supremacists for claiming they are a master race. "If you think you're the master race, how come we're all kicking your ass so easily?" the comedian said. "Why aren't the Olympics dominated by you? What do you still have left? Golf and tennis? Maybe, maybe. And even then, the first black people you came across, you're like, 'We can't play this game anymore.' Williams sisters, Tiger Woods."

During his stand-up set, Stewart said it's not a surprise that America elected Trump; the historic surprise was that we elected Barack Obama as president, Deb reported. "That is where we rose above our history," Stewart said.