Jon Stewart Explains Why Joe Biden's "Humility" Makes Him the "Man of the Moment"

Screen Grab/CBS

During his appearance on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,' Stewart revealed that he initially supported Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and compared the 1918 pandemic to the current crisis.

After being critical of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Jon Stewart shared what he believes makes the former vice president the best-suited leader for America. 

"What I think in this moment this country needs is a leader of humility that understands that he doesn't understand, that understands the humanity of this experiment and the difficulty that it is in maintaining it," Stewart said on Wednesday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "It gives me hope that maybe he is the man of the moment."

Stewart, who also shared that he initially supported either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic presidential primary, said that Biden wasn't even in his top four choices for the next president. But upon seeing past Biden's "Uncle Joe character," Stewart said that he has learned to value the Democratic nominee's life experiences, noting that the grief from loss Biden has experienced leads to humility. 

"There's a humility to the randomness of tragedy that brings about a caring that can't be faked and it can't be contrived," Stewart said. "Trump doesn't have that gear."

Stewart also chatted with Colbert about the 1918 flu pandemic and how policies from 100 years ago aren't all that different from today's. Stewart noted that in 1918, experts advised staying inside, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.   

"It's 102 years, we've literally just been driving in circles," he quipped. "They haven't made any improvement over the last 102 years. Somebody screwed up."

When asked about the current government's response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Stewart joked that he blinked "S.O.S" in morse code. 

Watch Stewart's interview below.