Jon Stewart's 'Irresistible' Bypassing Cinemas, Heads for Premium On-Demand

Irresistible Still 1 - Focus Features  Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Focus Features

The political satire stars Steve Carell and Rose Byrne.

Jon Stewart's political satire Irresistible has decided to bypass cinemas and will go straight to premium VOD on June 26 as the vast majority of screens remain dark amid the novel coronavirus crisis.

The film had been set to hit movie theaters May 29. Focus Features announced the shift Friday.

Because of the continued moviegoing blackout, some films have opted to go directly to premium VOD instead of waiting for venues to be open en masse, including several titles from the Universal empire, which includes Focus. Universal and Focus titles are being made available for a 48-hour rental period for $19.99.

The hope is that the vast majority of cinemas begin opening in late June and early July. Solstice Studios' Unhinged recently moved up its Russell Crowe thriller Unhinged to June 1, while Christopher Nolan's Tenet goes out July 17 (there's still a chance Tenet could move).

Irresistible is the second movie that Stewart — the former host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show — has directed, following 2014’s Rosewater.

The comedy tells the story of what happens when a small Wisconsin town transforms into a political circus after a top Democratic strategist (Steve Carell) sees a video of a retired Marine colonel (Chris Cooper) standing up for the rights of his town’s undocumented workers and believes he has found the key to winning back America's Heartland. However, when the Republicans counter him by sending in his brilliant nemesis Faith (Rose Byrne), what started out as a local race quickly becomes an out-of-control and hilarious fight for the soul of America.

Plan B Entertainment and Stewart produced Irresistible.