Jon Voight: Angelina Jolie Deserved An Oscar Nomination for 'Unbroken'

Getty Images

Jolie's father is not pleased about her Oscars snub.

Angelina Jolie wasn't nominated for an Academy Award this year and her father, Jon Voight, thinks she should have been.

The actor raved about his daughter's World War II film Unbroken and told reporters at Clive Davis' Grammys party that she should have been one of the nominees for Best Director.

"I wish she had [been nominated], because I think she deserved it," Voight said, according to Vulture. "I think her direction is astounding, really astounding, and if she wasn’t my daughter, I’d still say, 'I want to work for that one.' She’s a great actor’s director — the pace of the film, the size of the film. Unbelievably difficult stuff that she accomplished."

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