Jon Voight Posts "Plea to Save America," Slams Hillary Clinton and Robert De Niro Again

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images
Jon Voight

"May God protect the real truth and may Donald Trump win this presidency, he will save our America, and he will certainly make it great again."

Jon Voight continued his support of Donald Trump's campaign Thursday, when he posted a video online of himself earnestly pleading with Americans to dump Hillary Clinton in favor of Trump.

The three-minute rant was packed with hits aimed at Clinton and her affiliation with wealthy Americans who have used their prosperity as "weapons." Voight also took down fellow actor Robert de Niro (who recently posted a video calling out Trump, and later called Voight "delusional") by reminding voters of his privilege as a member of the industry's elite.

"Robert De Niro is a millionaire ... and has no tolerance for anyone with a different opinion," said Voight. 

He then addressed the issue of immigration, once again criticizing Clinton for supporting President Barack Obama's initiatives: "Thousands of refugees will flood our nation and nobody will know the good guys from the bad guys. It will kill our economy, which is at an all-time low now, under the years of Obama's presidency. And Hillary boasts of how proud she will be to continue Obama's legacy."

Voight also took swipes at Obamacare, and touched on the current climate of hate, though he blamed the ongoing protests and the actions of Islamic terrorists on the nation's chaos. "We are witness to our own people burning down and looting our cities ... we are all witness to our own people killing our policemen," he said. "Islamic terrorists have killed thousands of people all over our country."

The latter half of the video sees Voight make his case about Clinton's incompetency by blaming her for Benghazi during her tenure as Secretary of State: "She has blood on her hands from the Benghazi terrorist raid."

The video concludes with the actor warning that "with Hillary as president, we will lose our Second Amendment and our right to bear arms," he said. "Freedom of religion will be attacked. And Hillary will try to stop all conservative voices on TV and radio."

Voight finally pledges his allegiance to Trump and God, which, according to his vision, is the only way America will survive "the most important election in American history."

He concluded, "May God protect the real truth, and may Donald Trump win this presidency. He will save our America, and he will certainly make it great again."

Watch the video below.