Jonah Hill Talks Brad Pitt's 'Moneyball' Pranks

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During an interview on The Late Show With David Letterman's, the actor shared how his co-star used golf carts and Wham! to mess with him on set.

Brad Pitt's new (and already critically-acclaimed) baseball movie Moneyball opens Friday. 

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On Tuesday the actor's co-star, Jonah Hill appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman to promote the film. 

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Hill sang the veteran actor's praises, saying "You know what, everyone works with some big movie star and they kiss their butt or whatever when they're on TV," Hill told the late-night host. "He genuinely is a wonderful, charismatic, intelligent and talented man."

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But, he also revealed that Pitt (much like his good pal George Clooney) is quite the practical joker on set.

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The actors both had their own golf carts to drive while filming. "I was really proud because, he's Brad Pitt, of course he has a golf cart on every movie, but, I'm Jonah Hill and I don't have my own golf cart on every movie," said Hill. "But this was my golf cart. ... He thought it would be funny cause he knew I was so proud of it, that no one else could drive it, that he would mess with it. He shrink-wrapped my golf cart bright pink." 

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Pitt also dubbed his co-star a Wham! fanatic. "I'm not specifically not a Wham! fan," said Hill. "But, I'm not specifically a Wham! fan. So I go into my office and there's a framed picture of Wham! and everyone laughs."

But the Wham! jokes didn't stop there. 

Watch the full video below.