Jonathan Groff Tears Up During 'Looking' Salute, Teases Two-Hour Special at Point Foundation Gala

Jeffrey Tambor Jonathan Groff Point Foundation Gala H 2015
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Jeffrey Tambor Jonathan Groff Point Foundation Gala H 2015

"When you act, it’s about saving lives," said 'Transparent' star and fellow honoree, Jeffrey Tambor. "It’s about making people safe. It’s about connection and it's about community."

The Point Foundation’s Point Honors 2015 New York Gala, held on Monday night at the New York Public Library, was a celebration of how LGBT narratives, both on and off-screen, can inspire acceptance, foster a sense of community and lead to understanding and recognition.

Jonathan Groff— star of HBO's recently axed series Looking — was honored for his leadership role as an advocate of the LGBTQ community. Accepting his award, Groff grew visibly emotional when talking about Looking, which he described as "my favorite thing that I’ve ever worked on."

"Many of the department heads, and cast and crew of Looking are gay," Groff told the venue of guests, tearing up. "Getting the opportunity to tell the story, ... I'm not just sad that we didn’t get picked up for a third season; getting the opportunity to tell stories about our community was something we took very seriously and put a lot of great thought and care into. It was one of the great joys of being part of that project."

Heartbroken Looking fans should know that "we were just as upset" by the surprise news, cast member Frankie Alvarez told THR. "We all got together for dinner the four of us, two weeks ago, and poured out the liquor."

This isn’t the final goodbye, however. Show creator Michael Lannan, along with executive producer Andrew Haigh, will shoot a two-hour special that revisits Looking’s characters and storylines. Just don't expect a neat ending: "Knowing Andrew and Michael, they never wrap up anything with a bow, so I can’t imagine that it will be a wrap-up," Groff told THR. "But I’m excited that we get to go back and check in with the characters one last time."

Along with Groff, Jeffrey Tambor — who portrays Maura, a transgendered woman on Amazon's critically-acclaimed show Transparent — was one of the LGBT scholarship foundations’ honorees, both for his Golden Globe-winning performance on the show as well as his support and advocacy for the transgender community. Accepting his award, Tambor recounted visiting a transgendered bar, in character, with the cast and crew before filming began. "I remember shaking — I said, 'Remember this. Don’t ever forget this moment. Because this, when you act, it’s about saving lives,'" he told the audience. "It’s about making people safe. It’s about connection and it's about community."

Naturally, Transparent was top of mind for the ceremony’s guests. Sara Chase, who plays Indiana mole woman Cyndee on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was introduced to the show by Unbreakable co-creator Tina Fey. "She was like, do you have Amazon Prime?" Chase told The Hollywood Reporter, recalling how everyone on set raved about the series. She then went home and binge-watched the entire season. "That’s how we roll," she joked.

Chase wasn’t the only one. Scandal’s Conrad Ricamora, who performed a musical tribute at the gala, devoured the show in a single weekend. "It was so, so good," he told THR. "I can’t wait for the second season."

Although his performance as Maura inspires binge-watching in others, "I have four kids, so my binging days are behind me," Tambor told THR on the red carpet. While he forgoes the practice, he's aware that it's commonplace. "We [released] our show on a Friday, and by Sunday people were tweeting me, … saying, 'Where are the rest?'"