Joost boosts access with CAA hookup


NEW YORK -- Joost, the forthcoming Internet television service from the founders of Skype, has signed with CAA, the companies said Tuesday.

"CAA will provide Joost greater access to programming through our relationships with networks, studios, record labels artists and independently controlled content libraries," said Michael Yanover, head of business development at CAA. "We are proud to play an important role in the development of Joost."

Joost, which this month announced its commercial availability, has content partnerships with Viacom, Sony Pictures Television, Turner Broadcasting and Warner Music Group and will be part of the CBS Interactive Audience Network, set to launch in the summer. Two weeks ago, CBS, Viacom and three other firms said they committed $45 million in capital to the service, which is running in an expanded beta mode.

Meanwhile, Joost has been targeted in an injunction seeking to stop its launch. The service was added as a defendant to a lawsuit filed last year by StreamCast Networks against Joost founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom as well as their company, Skype, and its parent company, eBay, according to attorneys. The lawsuit concerns peer-to-peer technology known as FastTrack that was employed by both Kazaa, which Friis and Zennstrom operated, and Morpheus, which was owned by StreamCast.