Jordan Klepper, Seth Meyers Take On Trump's New 'Access Hollywood' Tape Claims

Klepper comically conducted an investigation, whereas Meyers provided video evidence to support the authenticity of the clip.

Jordan Klepper and Seth Meyers both devoted time during their respective late-night shows Monday to tackling Friday's New York Times report that Trump had recently suggested the infamous Access Hollywood tape — in which he was caught on a hot mic making lewd comments and bragging about grabbing women "by the pussy" — is "not authentic," despite having acknowledged that the voice was his and apologizing shortly after the tape surfaced in October 2016.

“I know what you’re thinking. If Q-tips aren’t supposed to go in your ears, then what the hell are they for?” The Opposition’s Klepper joked. Adding, “But you’re also thinking, ‘Wait a minute, Jordan. I saw that tape. It was real.’ But how do you know it was real? Because they told you it was real?” Klepper asked the audience, attempting to create comical suspense.

The Comedy Central host then began a comical, defensive argument questioning the validity of Trump’s controversial tape. “Now, I’ve always been skeptical of the Access Hollywood tape. First of all, it comes from Hollywood. Everything is fake in Hollywood, like CGI, Mark Ruffalo’s sex appeal or equal pay for actresses. All fake,” Klepper said. “And, also, Trump said it was locker room talk. But this conversation allegedly happened on a bus. A locker room that’s also a bus? What is this, The Jetsons?”

“Plus, we’re expected to believe Donald Trump took a woman furniture shopping and they didn’t up having sex? That’s never happened. All this makes you wonder if you can even believe your own eyes,” Klepper said, then reaching for his “gaslight” to lighten up the “dark” scenery.

The host proceeded to question the audience. “Why would the president cast doubt on the authenticity of a tape he already admitted to in the past? Doesn’t add up. You think you heard Trump apologize, but did you really? Trump never apologizes. That’s, like, his thing. If the tape was fake, there was no apology. You’re probably misremembering it.”

He added, “Some dumb poet once said, ‘The past is a foreign country.’ Do you trust foreign countries? ‘Memories are immigrants from the past.'... Because if Trump denied something he already apologized for, that’d be insane. You’re not insane, are you? Are you?” Klepper said in a distorted voice, as the camera zoomed in on the gaslight. As the audience laughed, the host suggested that “2016 Trump...should thank 2017 Trump for clearing this up.”

Meanwhile, during his “Closer Look” segment, Meyers provided video evidence to combat Trump's recent claims.

“Wait, you’re claiming that Access Hollywood tape is fake? Are you insane? Oh, right,” the Late Night host said. “First of all, you admitted it was real. Second, you know how I know it’s real? Because to get off the bus, you did this,” Meyers said, proceeding to show video footage of Trump knocking for someone to open the bus door.

“That is so dumb that no one would ever think to fake that. 'Let’s make it look like he taps on the glass to get the door open.' ‘No, no one’s that much of an idiot. We want people to believe this,'” Meyers joked. 

Trump's recent claim comes in wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore. Trump expressed his sympathies to the Alabama Senate Republican nominee, comparing the backlash to that of the groping claims he faced himself as a result of the Access Hollywood tape. 

On Monday, the White House said Trump isn't contesting the authenticity of the tape, with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying, "The president hasn't changed his position."