Jordan Peele and 'Get Out' Team Celebrate Fan-Inspired Art

Get Out Celebration - Staff - H 2017
Courtesy of Universal

"We're at a party with your face everywhere," Allison Williams joked to her co-star Daniel Kaluuya.

There has been a recent online debate about Get Out being positioned as a comedy at this year's Golden Globes, with director Jordan Peele himself disputing this recognition. 

The man behind the film, which turns the lens on racial and social injustices, took to Twitter asking what was funny about the film and suggested that it's much more of a documentary.  On Friday night in Hollywood, however, one thing everyone could agree on is that his directorial debut is, in fact, art, and this was evident when fans created their very own masterpieces based on images from the film. 

"It's pretty trippy, it's pretty wild, it's pretty weird," the film's star Daniel Kaluuya told The Hollywood Reporter at the Lombardi House in Hollywood as he stood surrounded by handcrafted artwork and paintings. Joked his co-star Allison Williams, "We're at a party with your face everywhere." 

The pair, along with Peele, were joined by Jason Blum, Donna Langley, Ron Meyer and Jeff Shell, among others as Universal hosted a special outdoor screening of the film followed by its very own art gallery. 

"What really strikes me about the artwork is that the subject matter tends to focus on one thing for the most part, and that's the Sunken Place," said Peele. "It seems to be resonating with people and Daniel's face seems to be resonating. In pop culture there has been a lack of representation, but the image of a black man being vulnerable, being scared, we don't get to see that. Black men don't get to be vulnerable things. We're either the tough drug dealer or we're the president of the United States." 

Peele was the hot ticket at the party, being stopped by guest after guest requesting a photo with the director. His cast sang his praises as well. Said Williams, "Jordan introduced a whole thing into our lexicon that we didn't realize we needed, but that's the mark of good filming."  

Peele remained coy about all the attention he's been getting, saying, "The focus for me is the idea that this is a movie that's important to people." One thing he knew for sure though is that he was definitely taking some of the artwork home. "You just gave me an idea," he said.