Jorge Sanchez Named Head of Mexican Film Institute

Jorge Sanchez - H 2013

Jorge Sanchez - H 2013

The award-winning producer will oversee Mexico's state-run film institute Imcine.

MEXICO CITY -- Veteran producer Jorge Sanchez has been appointed head of Mexico's state-run film institute Imcine. 

Imcine oversees public production funds, filming incentives and locations. The agency also supports distribution and exhibition of Mexican cinema at home and abroad. 

Sanchez has produced more than 20 films, including the award-winning Cabeza de Vaca and Cronos, Guillermo del Toro's feature-film debut. He was also director of the Guadalajara Film Festival, Mexico's biggest and oldest film fest.

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Sanchez will step down from his current gig as president of the Mexican Film Academy of Arts and Sciences to take on the Imcine position.

Imcine usually gets a new director every six years after Mexico's general election. With recently elected president Enrique Pena Nieto's administration now calling the shots, Sanchez will replace Imcine director Marina Stavenhagen

Mexican cinema leans heavily on Imcine support. A bulk of the feature films, documentaries and shorts produced here receive some form of state funding.