Josh Gad and James Corden Joke They Were Fired From Summer Blockbusters

James Corden Josh Gad The Late Late Show - Publicity - H 2019
Sonja Flemming/CBS

The two shared how they lost roles in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,' 'Hobbs & Shaw' and 'Toy Story 4' in a bit for CBS' 'The Late Late Show.'

Josh Gad and James Corden jokingly claimed they were fired from the movies Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Hobbs & Shaw and Toy Story 4 on CBS' The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday.

The prerecorded clip opened with Corden listing everything that he and Gad have in common, saying that they are incredible actors, insanely charming and sex symbols. "Yet with everything we've got in common, we've never actually made a movie together," he said. "Biggie [Smalls] and Tupac [Shakur] never collaborated. We weren't going to let that happen with Olaf and Peter Rabbit."

Gad then joked that he and Corden were originally cast in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. "He needed two hot guys for the lead," he said of the parts that eventually went to Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Clips were then shown of the pair filming a scene for Tarantino's pic, but Corden struggled to light his cigarette. Gad tried to help him before someone yelled, "Cut!," and the two actors blamed the issue on their "fleshy thumbs."

The late-night host broke out into a coughing fit when they tried to film the scene again. "He may be allergic to cigarettes," said Gad as he requested water for his co-star. "We should've probably checked that out beforehand."

After Corden lit the wrong end of the cigarette in another take, he made the artistic decision to smoke an e-cigarette.

"It turns out they did not have e-cigarettes in the 1960s," Gad later said about why they were fired from the project. Added Corden, "The studio thought that having two beloved, highly recognizable actors like Josh and I leading the movie would be distracting."

While they did not end up starring in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the two revealed that they were contacted to portray the titular characters in Hobbs & Shaw. Corden appeared in the mock scenes as Dwayne Johnson's character Hobbs, while Gad took on Jason Statham's role as Shaw.

The scene opened with the two men wearing bald caps as they frantically tried to get into a car. They both struggled to open the car doors and became distracted once Gad successfully opened his door.

They shot the scene again, though they became equally distracted when they got into the car and realized that they didn't know how to start it. "I'm scared," said Gad as the car's windshield wipers turned on after they pressed a number of buttons.

The third take of the scene showed the actors struggling to put on their seat belts. Once Gad got his on, he had to talk Corden through how to effectively put on his seat belt. The director eventually told the actors to not worry about the seat belts, though they questioned "what kind of message" that would send to the viewers. "I can't be a part of a franchise that forgets a seat belt," said Gad before the helmer told them they were fired.

Back in the interview setting, Gad revealed that they were fired from Hobbs & Shaw before lunch. "That's showbiz for you," said Corden. "One minute you're the cock of the walk. The next minute you're being escorted off the set with a backpack full of stolen iPhone chargers."

The actors said that they had given up hope of starring in a summer blockbuster until they were offered roles in Toy Story 4.

A clip showed the two arriving to set. Gad was dressed up in a Buzz Lightyear costume, while Corden took on the role of Woody. They confidently walked on set and declared themselves as the new faces of Disney before the harsh reality set in that they were hired to twirl signs promoting the movie.

"At first we were disappointed, but then honestly we really leaned into the roles," said Corden. "We kind of made the characters our own."

Gad later pulled a string on the back of Corden's costume and the host said, "There's a snake in my boot." Gad also got into character when he declared, "To infinity and beyond!"

The men credited the success of Toy Story 4 with their promotional tactics.

"It's our summer," they enthusiastically said before they put on Angry Birds 2 hats and grabbed promotional signs to twirl.

Watch the full bit below.