Josh Sugarman focuses on 'Trophy Kids'

Ryan Eggold, David Gallagher star

Josh Sugarman is focusing his camera on a group of young writers as a way of examining Generation Y in the narrative film "Trophy Kids," his feature directorial debut that has begun shooting in New York.

Ryan Eggold, who co-stars on the CW series "90210," plays a self-righteous twentysomething, with David Gallagher ("7th Heaven") playing a friend who collaborates with him on a script. Tahyna Tozzi ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine") plays a love interest for both.

The film's title describes members of a generation, coddled by their parents, that grow up with an overestimated sense of self-worth.

Sugarman co-wrote the screenplay with Brandon Yankowitz, who is producing with Marc Elliot Littman for YaSu Media.