Journalist settles 'Charlie Wilson's War' suit

Arthur Kent sued over use of his voice, video recordings

TORONTO -- Canadian journalist Arthur Kent, better known as the "Scud Stud" for his live NBC reports during the 1991 Gulf War, on Friday said that he has settled a lawsuit against Universal Studios over the movie "Charlie Wilson's War."

Toronto-based Kent brought the suit in U.S. and Canadian courts in April over the use of portions of his voice and video recordings in the war drama.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed as they remain confidential.

"I am very pleased with the terms of the settlement. I brought these actions only to uphold the copyright protection of my work, my voice, and my archive, and to make clear that I do not endorse the account of historical events conveyed by the movie," Kent said in a statement.

As part of his suit, Kent alleged that Universal Studios violated his intellectual property rights by using footage of his 1986 reporting from Afghanistan.

"Charlie Wilson's War," which stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, deals with covert operations in Afghanistan.