'Journey 2' Going Out on 448 Imax Screens Worldwide From February 10

The giant screen exhibitor will release a digitally remastered version in 282 domestic theaters, and in another 166 venues internationally.

TORONTO - Imax is opening Warner Bros. Pictures' Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D on 282 domestic screens from February 10, simultaneous with the North American wide theatrical release.

The giant screen exhibitor will also release the digitally remastered follow-up to the 2008 Journey to the Center of the Earth movie in another 166 Imax theaters overseas.

Journey 2, directed by Brad Peyton, has Josh Hutcherson return as Sean Anderson, who is now on a mission to save his grandfather with the aid of his mother's boyfriend, played by Dwayne Johnson.

The ensemble cast includes Michael Caine, Vanessa Hudgens, Luis Guzman and Kristin Davis.

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