'Journey to the South Pacific': Cate Blanchett Explores Sea Life (Exclusive Video)

The film explores the island chain of West Papua, Indonesia and a 13-year-old's journey to learn about its wonders.

A new doc is taking viewers on a faraway journey, with a little help from Cate Blanchett.

Journey to the South Pacific explores the island chain of West Papua, Indonesia, looking at its sea life and the people who seek to protect it.

In the featurette above, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, a 13-year-old boy named Jawi takes a trip on a boat to learn about caring for his area's reefs. The vessel, called the Kalabia, serves as a mobile classroom for children to learn abou THEt 500 species of coral and 2,000 species of marine life in the area.

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The featurette also gives a behind-the-scenes look at Blanchett recording the narration for the film.

The doc comes from IMAX Entertainment and MacGillivray Freeman Films. It is currently in theaters in Boston, and will roll out in more theaters nationwide in early 2014. The film was directed by Greg MacGillivray and Stephen Judson and produced by Shaun MacGillivray and Mark Krenzian.