Joy Behar Explains Why She Walked Off 'The View'

VIDEO: She calls Bill O'Reilly a 'pinhead' about 9/11 remarks.

Joy Behar explained to viewers on her HLN show Thursday why she stormed off "The View" earlier that day during a heated argument with guest Bill O'Reilly.

"Today on 'The View,' Bill O'Reilly had a real pinhead moment. First he said a mosque should not be built close to Ground Zero here in New York, but then he said this," Behar said, introducing a clip from earlier that morning where O'Reilly said "Muslims killed us on 9/11.""Well I was really angry. I thought he was saying something that I construe as hate speech, frankly," she explained.

Behar was joined by former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura and the two discussed the situation further.

"The Constitution says they can do it," Ventura said of the mosque. "It ends there. You cannot subject the Constitution to a popularity poll. The Constitution is there to protect unpopular speech."

Behar then asked Ventura what he thought about O'Reilly: "He's a spineless puke. ... The whole Fox won't have me on -- the nighttime guys. I call them the Three Stooges, and we all know which one's Curly. If Glenn Beck isn't Curly Howard's kid ... I view him and Hannity and them as the Three Stooges because if they can't intimidate you, they won't have you on."

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