Joy Bryant Launches a Summer Pop-Up in L.A.

Joy Bryant - P 2015

The co-founder of Basic Terrain and "Parenthood" star’s shop-in-shop debuts at Satine.

When actress Joy Bryant and her stuntman hubbie David Pope’s creative juices are not flowing onscreen, they’re channeling their energies into Basic Terrain, their year-old travel-inspired clothing line. Now, the L.A.-based couple take their vision to the next level with a pop-up shop at Los Angeles cult boutique Satine's West 3rd Street flagship, helmed by SoCal style icon Jeannie Lee

"It’s like walking into my living room," says Bryant of the experience, which features a curation of hand-picked brands, ranging from accessories to art. Here, Bryant, who’s set to start filming next month on Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt opens up on the shop, and what’s in store for Basic Terrain.

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Pret-a-Reporter: What were the criteria for the brands you’ve included in the pop-up?

Joy Bryant: Everybody who is here are friends of mine. They’re people who inspire me and have a similar vibe to what we’re creating with Basic Terrain. I wanted to make it kind of like my living room in a way. It has a really cool vibe to it. Everyone that’s here, whether it’s a photographer or fragrance line or jewelry or apparel, are brands that I dig, and I feel that we complement each other. It’s more a collective than anything. The brands that are here include Pret-a-Surf, Lulu Frost, Leilani Bishop fragrances, Surf Bazaar, Kelly Cole and a couple of artist friends, including Amy & Stuart Photography (Amy was my boarding school roommate when I was a freshman). And Jeanie Lee giving us the space to create is awesome.

You mentioned two surf brands. Are you a surfer?

I catch waves from time to time. My husband is more of the surfer. I am a fair-weather wave catcher, meaning I don’t like cold water, I like a short break that I don’t have to work too hard for, and I like cocktails as soon as I get out of the water.

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How has Basic Terrain grown since it launched last year?

We started out with one style, the Eden Thai fisherman pants ($162), and from there we’ve expanded — but not too much, since we’re doing it ourselves—in a really nice, organic way. We’re keeping that same vibe of pieces that are easy and not fussy, and chic, and can take you in any direction you want to go. For fall, we are introducing unisex pieces, and we’ll also introduce a few, dedicated men’s pieces. We really hope to turn it into the lifestyle brand we intended it to be.

What are each of your roles in the brand?

We both handle the design responsibilities. He’ll handle most of the physical production and make sure its on schedule, and I’m out here trying to sell out. We both make pickups and drops at the dye house or at one of our contractors. We do a lot of the grunt work. We have to, because its only us. Everything is manufactured in L.A.

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What’s it like working with your husband?

It’s been really great for us because Dave and I spend so much time apart because of me acting and him doing stunt work. Two days after we got married, he went away for three months, and that’s pretty much been the story of our marriage. So the fact that we get to spend time together being creative is awesome. This all started from him walking into the room two years ago and saying he wanted to get into sewing again, and here’s where we are. I like to joke that he’s Evel Knievel one day, and John Varvatos the next!