Judd Apatow on Anti-Trump Stand-Up Set: "People Who Disagree Should Speak Up"

Judd Apatow Tonight Show H 2015
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Judd Apatow Tonight Show H 2015

Apatow stressed the importance of "using humor or any other weapon we have."

Judd Apatow took aim at the White House during an anti-Trump stand-up routine in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The prolific TV producer and filmmaker performed at L.A.'s Regent Theater Saturday night to promote his upcoming HBO series Crashing, which he exec produced. The show's creator, comedian Pete Holmes, was also on-hand to introduce Apatow.

When he took the stage, the often outspoken critic took time during his set to denounce President Donald Trump. He opened with an analogy describing Trump's election — a bit that was greeted with applause from the L.A. crowd.

"When Trump was first elected, it felt like we were about to be raped," he said. "But we weren’t sure how bad it would be. And now that it’s a month in, it feels like now we’re just wondering if we’re going to get murdered."

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter on Monday, Apatow stressed the importance of using any and all platforms to speak out.

"We have a president that fights against sane gun laws, Planned Parenthood, our current healthcare system, environmental protection, banking regulation and it looks like he wants to defund PBS and the national endowment for the arts," Apatow said. "He is caught lying on a daily basis and is caught up in a massive amount of conflicts of interest. I think all of us are at risk as a result of these policies and by using humor or any other weapon we have, people who disagree should speak up."

Apatow's statement comes during a time where strong humor is being aimed at the president, such as on Saturday Night Live, and amid a politically charged awards season where celebrities have faced both praise and criticism for using their televised moments to target Trump. The latter being a trend that Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel is likely to continue with the Academy Awards this Sunday.

During Apatow's Saturday set, the comedian also launched into a long bit criticizing how brief the nation's collective memory has been about Trump's headline-making "grab them by the pussy" incident. He joked that Trump's disrespect towards women has led to the empowerment of wife Melania Trump, who has yet to move into the White House.

“Wouldn’t you stay away?” he joked.

Of son Barron Trump, Apatow said, “You ever see the look on his face when Trump’s talking? People are like, ‘Is there something wrong with him?’ No! He knows his dad’s a f—ing asshole!”

He also commented on how Trump only laughs at other peoples' expense.

“Laughter is how we connect, it’s how you show people you love them, it's how you show people you understand them. It's about listening,” he said. “[Trump] only laughs when he makes someone feel bad. What does he do to laugh, just go on YouTube and watch Special Olympics bloopers?”

Holmes, as well as Crashing costar Artie Lange, also performed during the set, which was part of a five-night tour to promote Holmes' semi-autobiographical stand-up series airing Sundays on HBO.

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