Judd Apatow Applauds Sexual Assault Charges for Bill Cosby

judd apatow - H 2015
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judd apatow - H 2015

"Hopefully now many of these women will get to tell their stories in a court of law and the people who supported him will get deposed," the director wrote.

Director Judd Apatow has been among the most vocal in Hollywood condemning Bill Cosby after numerous women accused the comedian of sexual assault.

Although the 78-year-old Cosby has been hit with multiple lawsuits over the allegations he drugged and assaulted women through the years, he has never been charged with a crime. That is until Wednesday. Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault, a first-degree felony, by the Montgomery County, Pa., District Attorney's Office. 

Apatow, best known for his comedies Knocked Up and Trainwreck, praised the development.   

Apatow, on Twitter and in media appearances, has blasted Cosby over the rape allegations and for allegedly attempting to silence his accusers, calling the comedian "one of the most awful people that you've ever heard of." The director has also called Cosby's actions "the worst thing that's ever happened in show business." 

In July, Apatow made his Tonight Show stand-up debut, performing a scathing impression of Cosby.

"Cosby is still out on the road. Isn’t that weird? He’s, like, doing stand-up? What do you think his act is like? Do you think he’s still talking about it?" Apatow asked before launching into his best impression. "Do you think he says, 'Have you ever been in trouble with the wife? Did you ever get into the doghouse with the wife over something that you did?' "

Lena Dunham, who collaborates with Apatow on Girls and who has publicly supported the director in his opinions about Cosby, also took to Twitter to praise the court's decision.