Judd Apatow to Hollywood on Bill Cosby: "Stand Up for the Women and Say That We Believe You"

AP Images/Invision
Judd Apatow

"When you go out on a date, you don't need seven prescriptions for Quaaludes."

Judd Apatow has been very vocal about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby — on Twitter and elsewhere — and he's calling on Hollywood to follow suit.

"I just kept noticing that no one else was saying that this was a bad thing," he explained while promoting Trainwreck. "I would have loved to not talk about it. It's incredibly sad. It's one of the most tragic things that's happened in our business, and I think we do have to stand up for the women and say that we believe you."

"A lot of people got terribly hurt — and you know, when you go out on a date you don't need seven prescriptions for Quaaludes," he continued. "I'm in show business. Famous people can meet women without the enormous prescriptions."

Cosby has been accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women, many of whom allege that he drugged and raped them. He has never been charged with a crime.

"We should all be very hesitant about getting involved in anything, but when it's 40 people [making accusations], it certainly is time for everybody to wake up and say we should be concerned about the women."

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