Judd Apatow Calls Criticism of His Movies' Female Characters 'Unfair'

Filmmaker says his movies portray male point of view since 'I'm a man.'

Judd Apatow has taken a few knocks for his movie portrayal of female characters in the past, but the filmmaker feels the criticism is unjustified.

"I definitely think it's unfair," he told Jezebel. "But they definitely are more from a male point of view. Because I wrote them and I'm a man.

"But that's okay."

The creative force behind Knocked Up said that stars like Elizabeth Banks, Jane Lynch, Katherine Heigl and Catherine Keener have all "broken out from the movies and have done great work."

"I feel like we've had some amazing female characters and performances in all the movies," he added.

While even stars like Heigl have expressed that some of his female characters are sexist, that criticism doesn't phase him. "I'm not defensive about it," he said.

Apatow is working on an HBO project with Tiny Furniture star Lena Dunham about a group of women in New York in their mid 20s.