Judd Apatow Charity Event Brings Surprise Donation From Kevin Hart, Interruption by Amy Pascal Heckler

The comedian cracked jokes for 40 minutes at the Largo on Friday night.

Kevin Hart made a surprise appearance at the Judd Apatow and Friends charity event in Los Angeles on Friday night.

The comedian performed for 40 minutes on the Largo stage for the crowd of 250, who also listened to Fiona Apple sing as part of the evening's entertainment.

After taking the platform, Hart expressed his love for the theater and joked: "You guys should travel together doing this."

Apatow joined the funnyman on stage and explained to audiences that the evening was a benefit for Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research before calling on Hart to donate.

"You gave your time, but you should donate as well," Apatow said. Hart replied: "How much?"

Apatow threw out $10,000 to which Hart said, "done" before telling the host that he would have a check on Saturday.

When Apatow took the stage to entertain audiences, an unknown heckler — who was later escorted from the building without argument — stood up and yelled that former Sony chief Amy Pascal was a racist. Audiences booed at the woman before she was walked out of the theater. Pascal was not present.

Additional reporting by Steve Baltin.