Judd Apatow Compares Sony Cyberattack to Celebrity Photo Hack

Judd Apatow Paleyfest - P 2014
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Judd Apatow Paleyfest - P 2014

The director is catching heat online for connecting the events

Judd Apatow is catching flack online after he compared the Sony cyberattack with a recent targeted hack that leaked nude photos of celebrities.

"Releasing private Sony e mails to hurt people is the same as releasing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence.  Why are they ok to print?," Apatow tweeted on Thursday.

A hacking group called Guardians of Peace has taken credit for the Sony hack, which involved breaching the studio's security system and led to numerous leaked Sony documents and emails starting on Nov. 24.

The hackers have released Sony executives' salaries, top-secret profitability data, employees' Social Security numbers, embarrassing emails and at least five films and opened up legal risks for years to come. Sensitive information continues to be published.

Apatow's Social Security number was among those released, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Sony hack has become an international event, with a national security expert claiming the North Korean government is behind it, an allegation North Korea denies.

In the Apple security breach in August that Apatow referenced, specific celebrities' iCloud accounts were accessed by hackers who correctly answered stars' security questions to retrieve passwords and access their photos. Nude photos of Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Kate Upton were among those downloaded and shared online.

The FBI got involved in the Apple investigation, and the company fortified its security measures. Now users are alerted by email and push notifications when someone tries to change their account password or restore iCloud data to a new device, or when a device is used to log into an account for the first time.

Google was later slapped with a threat of a $100 million lawsuit by the affected celebrities for allegedly "facilitating" the Apple hack by retaining the nude photos on its servers.