Judd Apatow's Anti-Bill Cosby Crusade Targets Whoopi Goldberg: "What Are You Defending?"

judd apatow - H 2015
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judd apatow - H 2015

The director, who's been one of the most vocal supporters of the women who've accused the comedian of drugging and raping them, took the 'View' co-host to task for remaining cautious about Cosby.

Outspoken Bill Cosby critic Judd Apatow took on Whoopi Goldberg's defense of Cosby on Twitter Thursday night.

Goldberg said on The View earlier this week that she was withholding her judgment about Cosby in the wake of a newly released 2005 deposition in which Cosby admits that he obtained quaaludes to give to women for sex, noting that he hadn't been convicted in court and was therefore innocent until proven guilty.

When asked by someone how he felt about Goldberg's comments, Apatow initially said they'd talk about it during his July 16 appearance on The View. But it seems he couldn't wait that long, firing off a series of tweets directed at Goldberg on Thursday night.

Apatow tweeted a photo of an ad for quaaludes and wrote to Goldberg, "He admitted to giving this to women to get them to have sex. So what are you defending?"

In another tweet he suggested, "I think Whoopi Goldberg is trying to be a loyal friend. It is sad that Bill Cosby is so sick that he puts his friends in that position."

The Trainwreck director also referenced one of the newly unsealed court papers from Cosby's settled case with accuser Andrea Constand, in which it was revealed that Cosby asked his agent to send money to one of his accusers. Apatow wrote, "He paid off women to avoid the courts. So you can't say the courts didn't convict. He used wealth to avoid it."

He concluded, "I believe it is wise to be careful but at some point we need to support the survivors of his violence."

Read Apatow's series of tweets below.