Another One of Jude Law's Spawn Enters Modeling Realm

Courtesy of Illustrated People/Instagram
Iris Law

Meet Iris Law.

It's a well-known fact that children of pretty celebrities have a general responsibility to share their good genes with the curious public (see: Cindy Crawford's daughter, Johnny Depp's daughter and anyone with the last name Kardashian or Jenner).

And so far, 50 percent of Jude Law's brood with ex-wife Sadie Frost have fulfilled their obligations by doing what pretty people do best: modeling.

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First his eldest son, Rafferty, made his pretty-person debut walking the runway for DKNY in 2014, and now, second-born daughter Iris has made her first official foray into the biz. The 15-year-old posed for streetwear label Illustrated People's new collaboration with Violetta Fancies You looking like a super-chill semi-goth in dark lipstick and '90s-inspired hair twists. 

A quick skim of the teen's Instagram feed reveals that modeling was definitely her destiny. After all, she's already posed alongside Kate Moss. (Sure, she was an infant, but still).

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