Jude Law's Son Makes Acting Debut in Experimental Short Film

Nine-year-old Rudy Law stars in "Dotty," a short from avant-garde British director Ben Charles Edwards.

LONDON –­ Avant-garde U.K. director Ben Charles Edwards' short film Dotty could signal the beginning of a fresh British acting dynasty. The film stars nine-year-old Rudy Law, son of Jude Law and ex-wife Sadie Frost.

Frost and Law junior star alongside each other in Edwards' take on a classic American children's fantasy. Co-written with Dominic Wells, Dotty details the story of a lonely child who stumbles across an old caravan while wandering across the Nevada desert and meets the eccentric old woman of the story's title.

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The short is due to premiere ahead of Dom Hemmingway, the British crime thriller starring Jude Law, at a screening in London on Oct. 20. It will then stream via Ben Charles Edwards site from November 2013.

Shot on location in Nevada, the film is a true family affair, produced by Frost's own banner, Blonde to Black Pictures. She produced the film with Emma Comley ­and Edwards, with Andrew Green as executive producer.

Edwards said Frost "was teaching Rudy a lot whilst we were on set," describing the filmmaking process as "just charming."

"It was beautiful moments to witness, watching a mum and a son work like that," he added.

Edwards also told THR that Jude Law gave input on the film.

"So it really was a family effort, because the suggestions that Jude made to the edit hugely strengthened the project by helping with the structure -- adding shots, taking them away. Jude really got the balance right."

Frost described the title character as fun. "I love playing characters that are very different from me, where I can completely transform myself. So Dotty is a kooky, eccentric old lady -- I love the way she dances." 

Dotty marks Edwards' eighth outing behind the camera. He has also collaborated with artists and talent such as Russian conceptual artist Andrey Bartenev (for a photography exhibit at the Russian Museum of Modern Art), Zandra Rhodes, artist Piers Atkinson, musician and DJ Boy George and the fashion world¹s Giles Deacon at Vogue Italia.