Judge to Bulls Eye 3: mediate


A judge Thursday told three former partners involved in producing the Oscar-winning film "Crash" to try to resolve their legal differences over money and film credits through mediation.

Bob Yari, Tom Nunan and Cathy Schulman produced four films, including 2005 best picture winner "Crash," before their partnership fell apart in 2005.

Nunan and Schulman sued Yari the following year, claiming he did not pay them the producing fees they earned for "Crash" and the other films.

Yari sued Nunan and Schulman, charging that he was not reimbursed for investments he made in the partners' company, Bulls Eye Entertainment. He also said they did not give him the producer credits he deserved for his work on Bulls Eye projects, including the series "Papdits," which has been distributed over the Internet.

Superior Court Judge James Dunn gave both sides until June 7 to report to him on their progress. The lawsuits are scheduled to go to trial July 9.

Lawyers for both sides did not return calls for comment.

Last month another judge dismissed Yari's lawsuit accusing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Producers Guild of America of wrongly denying him a producer credit for "Crash."

Although six people, including Yari, were listed in the film's credits as producers, only Schulman and screenwriter-director Paul Haggis were credited by the Academy and allowed to accept the Oscar for best picture.