Judge denies bail increase for Remy Ma


NEW YORK -- Remy Ma, free on $250,000 bond after being accused of shooting an acquaintance, doesn't have to post more bail money despite more problems with the law.

A judge said Wednesday that she was denying a prosecutor's request to hike the rapper's bail following a new indictment on witness tampering and gang assault charges. The judge said she could change her mind later.

The new charges stem from an Aug. 19 assault on a witness' boyfriend in a Bronx nightclub. Remy is accused of causing several of her male friends to attack the man, blackening an eye and breaking a bone in his face.

The assault followed an exchange in which Remy told the man, "Your girlfriend is changing her (cell phone) number on me and people are taking the (witness) stand," Assistant District Attorney Jason Berland told the court.

Another man who was with the witness' boyfriend was beaten by the same group, Berland said.

Remy, whose real name is Remy Smith, is the only person charged in the nightclub beatdown, Berland said. The victims reported that they covered their faces to protect themselves and didn't see who hit them, he said.

The prosecutor said he was asking for an increase in bail because Remy may be a flight risk. Remy's lawyer, Ira Fisher, said the rapper will surrender her passport.

Remy has pleaded not guilty to all the charges, Fisher said.

Berland said the July 14 shooting occurred after Remy left a birthday party in Greenwich Village, claimed that $2,000 was missing from her purse, and accused Makeda Barnes-Joseph of taking the money.

Barnes-Joseph was shot twice in the abdomen, Berland said. She was hospitalized for 16 days.

Remy was nominated for a Grammy as part of the Terror Squad for the 2004 summer smash "Lean Back."