Judge Issues Warrant for Evi Quaid's Arrest After She, Randy Blow Off Court Hearing

The couple have said they are seeking asylum in Canada because a cult called "Star Whackers" is trying to assassinate them.

Randy and Evi Quaid blew off a scheduled court hearing in Santa Barbara, Calif. Tuesday morning.

The Quaid's attorney said he was required to stay in Canada until an immigration hearing on Nov. 8, according to the Associated Press. He's due back in court on Nov. 16.

The judge issued a bench warrant for Evi after ruling she had no excuse for missing the hearing.

The couple, who wed in 1989, face a felony vandalism charge after police found them squatting in a Santa Barbara home they once owned.

They were arrested in recent weeks in Vancouver after skipping another court hearing.

On Monday, they gave a bizarre interview to Good Morning America from Canada on Monday in which they revealed they fear assassination by a cult group called "Hollywood star whackers." Watch the video.

They have said they are seeking asylum in Canada, claiming they fear a group they have described as "Hollywood star whackers."

"They follow us, they tail us," said Randy, who denied he was on drugs and said he was mentally stable. "They tag our cell phone they hack our computer."

Added Evi, "We are refugees … we are Hollywood refugees… I feel like Uma Thurman buried in a coffin… I genuinely feel these people are trying to kill us."