Judge recalls bench warrant for Bergstein

Move comes after embattled exec's court appearance

A bench warrant for the arrest of David Bergstein has been recalled.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Matthew St. George dropped the warrant after the embattled CEO of Pangea Media appeared in court regarding the lawsuit in which Mandalaly Bay Casino says it has a judgment issued in Nevada against him for more than $1.4 million relating to an unpaid debt, interest and other costs.

Bergstein said Tuesday that he did not appear in court when scheduled, for a second time, because he had two hearings at the same time and had to see to the other legal case. He said he sent his attorney to represent him.

The hearing -- known as a judgment debtor examination, at which Bergstein is required to show what assets he has to pay the debt to Mandalay Bay -- was reset for June 17.

Separately, in the case Bergstein brought against his former attorney Susan Tregub -- in which he says she violated attorney-client privilege, among other allegations -- her request to move it from state court and make it part of a pending involuntary bankruptcy proceeding against Bergstein was denied by a bankruptcy court judge. The case is being sent back to L.A. Superior Court, where it will proceed. Tregub has denied any wrongdoing and has countersued.

The involuntary bankruptcy case brought by a group of creditors also is continuing. Bergstein said he has cooperated with the trustee appointed to oversee and examine five of his companies and that he expects to be exonerated. The next hearing is set for May 26 in federal court in Los Angeles, but Bergstein predicted that matter will be continued and take at least until July to be resolved.

In the meantime, Bergstein said Pangea Media is still doing business, making investments in movies and considering the acquisition of more film libraries. Bergstein said Pangea will be exhibiting and selling movies at the Festival de Cannes this month, though he said it would be mostly library titles. He was not sure whether Pangea would have any new movies to bring to the market.
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