Julia Dietze signs on for 'Iron Sky'

Finnish sci-fi pic about Nazis on the moon

BERLIN -- Up-and-coming German actress Julia Dietze has signed on to star in "Iron Sky," the Finnish "Nazis on the Moon!" feature being directed by Timo Vuorensola.

The film, which has been doing gonzo marketing outside Berlin's European Film Market, has a pure pulp plot line involving a secret Nazi base set up on the moon that sets out to attack Earth.

Finnish producers Blind Spot Pictures have been relying on under-the-radar Internet marketing to build up awareness for the project. The film has an extensive online community at www.ironsky.net.

The blond, blue-eyed Dietze will play a Moon Nazi officer sent to Earth to gather intelligence before the invasion.

"Julia is a perfect opposite to the testosterone-filled Nazis and massive space battles the film's visual imagery mainly consists of," director Vuorensola said.

Dietze got her first starring role as Til Schweiger's love interest in the Middle Ages comedy "1 _ Knights," which is now playing in German theaters.

Iron Sky is a co-production with Blind Spot Pictures (Finland) and 27 Film Productions (Germany).
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