Julia Louis-Dreyfus Was Recognized by 'Parasite' Team at the Oscars

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS - Comedian Will Ferrell, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Publicity Still - H 2020
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Her 'Downhill' co-star Will Ferrell also shared a story about getting lost in Switzerland when the two stopped by 'Late Night' on Thursday.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell opened up about their nights at the 2020 Oscars when they stopped by Late Night on Thursday.

After the two presented at the ceremony, Louis-Dreyfus said she was "really enjoying the show." She added, "I was like a tourist sitting there and seeing everybody perform."

The actress explained that she attended the Governor's Ball after the awards show. "This nice guy came and got me and my husband to sort of escort us there and he took us up on the stage and as we're going, the whole cast and producing team of Parasite were still there," she said of the best picture winner. "They're all hugging each other and everyone's emptying out of the theater and I was like, 'Oh my God! They're all here!'"

"I stood there with the other photographers and started taking pictures of them," Louis-Dreyfus recalled. "And then as I'm doing that, one of the people who spoke absolutely no English looks at me and he goes, 'Veep! Veep! Veep! Veep!'"

"It was amazing," she concluded.

Meanwhile, Ferrell had a much more low-key night. The actor shared that five minutes after presenting, he was "in the car, piece of pizza, beer."

Ferrell also revealed that he "got lost in Switzerland" while filming his and Louis-Dreyfus' new movie, Downhill.

After explaining that they filmed the movie in Austria, Ferrell said that the second resort they were at is on the border of Austria and Switzerland. "There's little signs that are like, 'This way, Switzerland.' I'm like, 'Let's do it,'" he recalled of a time he went skiing. "So I'm by myself. I'm skiing down. I was like, 'This is so lovely, but I don't see a chairlift back at all.' And I end up in a small town in Switzerland."

"Gone for like three hours. I have to figure out a bus and a tram," he continued. "I had no money."

Ferrell added, "The Swiss are nasty. You don't want to get cornered by a bunch of Swiss."

The actor said that he "felt like a big boy" on his journey back to the resort. "Quietly, I'm on a bus like, 'Do you know how to get back to Ischgl?' They're like, 'Yes. Just follow us,'" he said. "So I followed this group of people."

"I was panicked because I would have to call production to come pick me up in Switzerland," he continued. "Which, from where we were, was like a three-hour drive, so six hours round trip, and then they would be bummed and I would have committed resources that were needed elsewhere for picking me up."