Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Old Navy's New Face (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Old Navy

Following in Amy Poehler's footsteps, the 'Veep' actress is the retailer's latest campaign star — with a series of Roman Coppola-directed ads debuting Dec. 3.

Selina Meyer would be proud: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the new face of Old Navy.

The five-time Emmy Award winner, who has bagged three lead actress in a comedy trophies for her work on the HBO series, Veep, has signed on for a campaign with the mammoth retailer — a division of Gap, Inc. — that will debut on Wednesday and run through summer 2015. The spots, hilarious of course (see below), launch with Old Navy Christmas shopping as the target. The campaign features additional Hollywood pedigree as the first two spots were directed by Roman Coppola.

According to Old Navy, the initial installments cast the actress as "a character who is always pleased with herself but not above interrupting her self-congratulatory monologues to race off to Old Navy to take advantage of holiday sales." Louis-Dreyfus is said to have been heavily involved in the creative side of the campaign, working to craft the spots along with Old Navy's broadcast and print ad agency, New York-based Chandelier Creative. 

"Julia has a fearless sense of humor and is going to provide plenty of laughs in both the broadcast spots and the outtakes," Old Navy global chief marketing officer Ivan Wicksteed tells The Hollywood Reporter. "But she's much more than that — she's also a creative partner and open to bending the rules of TV advertising, which is important to us in creating this campaign."

The deal for Louis-Dreyfus comes on the heels of the well-received campaign featuring another famous face from the world of TV comedy — Amy Poehler. Her yearlong deal featured a variety of spots that cast the Parks and Recreation star as a spelling bee moderator, a restaurant hostess, a lawyer, a judge, a politician, a soccer coach and a burrito server, among other characters. Poehler also shepherded the creative side of her campaign with Old Navy, helping write and create the concepts for her commercials, sources said. 

Poehler's final bow with Old Navy came over the Thanksgiving holiday and featured Black Friday shopping deals. 

In addition to the small screen, Louis-Dreyfus' spots will be featured on Old Navy's Youtube page.