Julia Roberts Commends Jennifer Lawrence's Gender Pay-Gap Essay: "I Love That She's Stirring Things Up"

Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts - H 2015
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"She's a young, fabulous, talented whippersnapper."

Julia Roberts is proud of Jennifer Lawrence's essay on the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

"I applaud her," Roberts told Michael Strahan when he asked for her opinion on Lawrence's essay. The actress was on Good Morning America promoting her film Secrets in Their Eyes.

"She's a young, fabulous, talented whippersnapper and I love that she's stirring things up," said Roberts.

She continued, "I mean, she just — she's so energetic and seems to speak her mind and I think it's great. I think it's great to kind of shake things up. I think it's great to go, ‘Excuse me. Over here. I know something now and I'm frustrated by it and why is this?' "

Roberts joins other celebrities who have commented on Lawrence's essay, titled "Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?" Geena Davis thanked Lawrence for her words, while Oprah pointed out it sounds like something that could have been written in 1985.

Meanwhile, Kate Winslet thinks openly talking about money is "a bit vulgar." She recently said, "I don't think that's a very nice conversation to have publicly at all."