This Is How Julia Roberts' Stylist Elizabeth Stewart Survives Cannes

Elizabeth Stewart - Getty - P 2016
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Elizabeth Stewart - Getty - P 2016

"My personal strategy involves sleeping pills and alcohol. It's very 'Valley of the Dolls,'" says the style guru, who also dresses Jessica Chastain.

Stylist Elizabeth Stewart’s festival experience already is dialed up to warp speed, thanks to Palais red-carpet strolls by clients Jessica Chastain and Julia Roberts. Pret-a-Reporter caught up with Stewart to get the skinny on all things Cannes style.

Pret-a-Reporter: Julia Roberts makes her Cannes debut this year. What’s the style strategy?

Elizabeth Stewart: Our strategy is to have fun and go with what we love!

What’s your favorite thing about Cannes fashion?

I love how anything goes! And I love the stairs. There is history and glamour as opposed to a step-and-repeat backdrop with a brand name on it.

What are your fest survival tips?

My personal strategy involves sleeping pills and alcohol. It’s very Valley of the Dolls. As for packing, I’m carry-on all the way. No one is looking at me!

You told Pret-a-Reporter that a minimum of three croissants per day is OK in Cannes. Does that delicious rule of thumb hold up?

I think I need to up the croissant minimum to four. When in France, one must eat lots of croissants. Let’s throw a chocolate one in there, too!