Julia Roberts Talks Turning 50, Transitioning to TV

Julia Roberts_Serious - Getty - H 2017
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"I just know how to watch a TV show. I don’t know how to make one.”

You know we've truly reached the "Golden Age" of TV when one of the most celebrated film actresses of all time dips her toes in the TV waters. 

Julia Roberts, who covers InStyle's December issue, is following contemporaries like Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey by exploring new TV opportunities with Amazon's upcoming series, Homecoming, but the transition isn't without its challenges. In an interview with People and EW editorial director Jess Cagle, the actress calls her latest move “a total experiment."  

"I don’t even know what it really requires," she continues. "I just know how to watch a TV show. I don’t know how to make one.”

Roberts, who turned 50 on Saturday, also opened up about her milestone birthday — though she doesn't necessarily consider it to be anything more special than, say, turning 49.

“There’s nothing different about this birthday than any other one," she says. "Really, people? Are we still in that space? Did anyone ever go over this with George Clooney or Brad [Pitt] before their 50th birthdays?"

That being said, she's learned a thing or two in her decades, and shares this advice for a fulfilled life: “Marry the right person, give birth to a redhead, and have great girlfriends.”