Julian Castro, San Antonio Mayor, to Give DNC Keynote Speech

Mayor of San Anotnio Julian Castro - H 2012

Mayor of San Anotnio Julian Castro - H 2012

The 37-year old Texan is considered an up-and-comer, and offers Democrats a chance to connect with an important constituency.

Democrats will try to launch a shooting star once again.

In 2004, a little known Illinois state senator named Barack Obama gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention; he won his race for the US Senate that November, and four years later, became president. Now, the party is offering up the coveted slot to another young, semi-obscure official with rhetorical flair and a demographic advantage: San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

A moderate Democrat who supports free trade and some fossil fuels, Castro is a 37-year old, two-term mayor, and the son of famous activist Rosie Castro. A Mexican-American, to many he represents the future of the party, which is taking pains to solidify its role as the party of choice for Latinos.

In 2010, he attended President Obama's national jobs-and-growth economic forum at the White House -- the president joked that he thought Castro was an intern -- and is considered by many the future face of the party, and someone who could move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue one day.

In a video announcing the address, Castro praised Obama's 2004 speech, as well as his health reform act and foreign policy.

"Julián really stands out,” Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda, an associate professor of Chicano and global studies at U.C.L.A, told the NY Times in what has become a widely cited profile. "There are other talented young Hispanic politicians around, but few have his stature or national potential. He’s from San Antonio, but he’s very much admired in California. He’s like Obama — one of us, but someone who also comes out of a broader American experience."