Julianne Moore Apologizes for Marion Cotillard Snub at Critics' Choice Awards

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In a classy acceptance speech, the 'Still Alice' star forgets to mention her fellow nominee, but takes to Twitter to make up for it.

Julianne Moore is mortified. 

She picked up the best actress trophy for Still Alice at Thursday night's Critics' Choice Awards and delivered one of the most gracious moments of the two-hour A&E telecast by lauding all of her fellow nominees — except Marion Cotillard and her Oscar-nominated turn in Two Days, One Night.

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After taking the stage and accepting the honor from presenter Patrick Stewart, Moore mentioned her peers, saying she was "constantly inspired by everything they do: inspired by Reese (Witherspoon) and her walk through grief; Jennifer (Aniston) and that extraordinary pain; and Rosamund (Pike) and her rage; and Felicity (Jones) and her endurance."

During the speech, the camera panned to all of Moore's fellow nominees, but not Cotillard, who was also present. On Twitter later in the evening, Moore corrected her oversight and tweeted: "I forgot to mention Marion Cotillard in my speech tonight, and I am mortified. She is exquisite in everything + especially Two Days, One Night." 

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Moore will have plenty of time to apologize in person. Both received Oscar nominations in the best actress category alongside Witherspoon, Jones and Pike. 

Check out Moore's full speech below: 

"Thank you very much to the Broadcast Critics for this award. Thank you for noticing a little movie and thank you for honoring me among these really wonderful women. One thing I know about myself for sure is that I'm a girl's girl. I love talking to women, hanging out with women, acting with women. One of the things about being an actress, the hardest part is that you never get to act with other women — or very rarely anyway. But that doesn't meant that I'm not watching and constantly inspired by everything they do. Inspired by Reese and her walk through grief; and Jennifer and that extraordinary pain; and Rosamund and her rage; and Felicity and her endurance.

I'm so inspired by you all and honored to be in your company. And I'd like to thank all the women who I spoke to who are living with Alzheimer's Disease. They are truly, truly amazing. I want to thank them for their time and their generosity, and sharing their experience. I really hope I did you justice. And I want to give a special shout out to my friend Sandy Oltz, my red-headed sister who has been living with Alzheimer's for the last three years. Thank you very much for this. Thank you very, very much."