Julianne Moore Cries on Cue in Times Square for 'Billy on the Street'

Billy on the Street - The Julianne Moore  Screen Shot- H 2015
Courtesy of YouTube/TRU TV

"No, don't take a picture with Cookie Monster! It's Julianne Moore!!!"

Julianne Moore edges in on the territory of Superman, Elsa and dozens of Elmos this week, as she takes her acting skills to Times Square on this week's Billy on the Street.

At the bargain price of a dollar, Moore delivered dramatic monologues from Magnolia, The Kids Are Alright and other acclaimed films she's starred in. She'd also cry on cue, leaving some tourists impressed and others utterly baffled.

Billy Eichner, of course, plays aggressive promoter, literally shooing away one Cookie Monster from a confused tourist, insisting he take a picture with a sobbing Moore instead.

Watch the full clip below.