Julianne Moore Criticizes Silvio Berlusconi For Remark Against Gays


ROME -- Actress Julianne Moore took a swipe at Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Tuesday, saying that a comment he made earlier in the day that was critical of gays was "unfortunate, archaic, and idiotic."
Moore, who received the International Rome Film Festival's Marcus Aurelius Award for lifetime achievement Tuesday evening, was speaking at a press conference following the screening of Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids Are All Right. In the film, Moore stars opposite Annette Bening as a lesbian couple raising two kids.
Earlier in the day, Berlusconi was asked about a controversy linking sexually with an under age beauty. He answered that it was "better to like beautiful girls than to be gay."
Asked about the comments, Moore immediately criticized the 74-year-old media tycoon-turned-political leader.
"To hint or to say there is something wrong with homosexuality is very unfortunate and it's embarrassing when people continue to perpetuate these untruths," Moore said, garnering strong applause from the crowd.
Asked about gay couples raising children, Moore said that "What children need is two loving parents: it doesn't matter if they are two moms, or two dads, or a mom and a dad."
Moore received her award from Paolo Sorrentino, the three-time Cannes Palm d'Or-nominated director from Naples, Italy. The director had just returned to Italy from the U.S., where he is finishing work on This Must Be The Place, with Sean Penn.
With the career honor, Moore joins previous winners Sean Connery, Sophia Loren, Al Pacino, and Meryl Streep.
The festival, which got underway Oct. 28, concludes Saturday.